Middle School Tutorials
           Interactive Tutorials  
Interactive tutorials help you practice using databases with guided support.       
 ELM Activities
Activities offer you the chance to explore unique content and functionalities of the ELM databases.
     ELM Videos 
Find introductory videos to a number of ELM databases on our YouTube channel.     

Britannica School Middle 
Encyclopedia content for middle school grades plus multimedia, timelines, world atlas, country comparison, and primary sources.
 Kids Search
Popular elementary and middle school magazines as well as encyclopedias, newspapers, and dictionaries. Includes Primary Search, Middle Search Plus, and Science Reference Center databases.  
 Studemt Resources in Context
Encyclopedia, magazine, and journal articles, plus primary sources, images, video, and more for middle and high school students. Includes Discovering Collection, Junior Reference Collection, InfoTrac Student Edition, and InfoTrac Junior Edition databases.
 Student Research Center
Magazine, journal, and encyclopedia articles, plus multimedia files for middle and high school students. Includes Health Source-Consumer Edition, MAS Ultra-School Edition, Middle Search Plus, and Science Reference Center databases.
 Points Of View Reference Center Pro vs. con essays that present multiple sides of current or controversial issues. Plus magazine and newspaper articles, primary sources, and more related to those issues.
Science encyclopedias, reference books, periodicals, and other sources covering numerous science topics for middle and high school students. Included in Student Research Center and Kids Search databases.