Prices & Fees

                                                      Meal Prices 2017-2018

Lunch:                                                          Breakfast:

Elementary Student    $2.55                        Student                 $1.50

M.S./H.S. Student       $2.85                         Reduced Price        Free

Reduced Price             Free                           Adult                     $2.25

Adult                           $3.85                          Milk:                   $0.30

We strongly encourage families to apply for free or reduced-price meals.  Meal charges will be allowed for up to 10 meals only.  Please make sure to check your child’s account.  Students reaching the maximum number of charges will receive only a peanut butter sandwich and milk each day until charges are paid in full. Any student taking a second meal must pay the adult price on the second meal.  A second milk is 30 cents.