Mr. Dreke

Mr. Dreke’s 4th Grade

2017 - 2018

CGB Elementary School

10-13-17 - Newsletter 

Hello Parents and Guardians,

            Multiplication is the focus of our next couple of chapters in math. I cannot stress enough how important it is for students to know their facts by memory. Some great resources for this are, flash cards whether online or on paper, and         

Math Chapter 4 – Multiplication and Division Facts

  • Skills – Algebra: relate operations/relate multiplication and division, multiply and divide facts through 12, patterns on the multiplication table, choose an operation, find missing factors
  • Vocabulary – multiply, divide, factor, product, dividend, divisor, quotient, inverse operations, fact family, square number, multiple

  • – D1, D2, E1

Math Chapter 5 – Algebra: Use Multiplication and Division Facts

  • Skills – multiplication properties, expressions, order of operations, equations, predict and test, inequalities, find a rule

  • Vocabulary – zero/identity/commutative/associative/distributive properties of multiplication, orders of operation, inequality, less than or equal to, greater than or equal to

  • – D9, D10, D28, F9, F10, F11, G4, G5, H3, K1, K2, K3,

Reading - Unit 1 Week 4

  • Essential Question – How can science help you understand how things work?
  • Spelling –words with long /I/ sound on page 19 or 24  of your child’s spelling packet
  • Stories – A Crash Course in Forces and Motions, The Box-Zip Project, The Big Race
  • Genre – Science Fiction
  • Vocabulary – accelerate, advantage, capabilities, friction, gravity, identity, inquiry, thrilling
  • Skills – reread, cause and effect, context clues
  • Grammar – clauses and complex sentences
  • Phonics – words with long /I/ sound  

Reading - Unit 1 Week 5

  • Essential Question – How can starting a business help others?
  • Spelling –words with long /O/ sound on page 25 or 30  of your child’s spelling packet
  • Stories – Kids in Business, Starting a Successful Business, Dollars and Sense
  • Genre –  Persuasive Article, Procedural Text
  • Vocabulary – compassionate, enterprise, exceptional, funds, innovative, process, routine, undertaking
  • Skills – reread, main idea and details, suffixes 
  • Grammar – run-on sentences
  • Phonics – words with long /O/ sound


  • j, p, undercurve and downcurve stroke review, a, d, g, o, c, g, review joings,


  • Early next week we will finish our second read aloud book
  • Instead of reading another, we will use the time to learn about being a responsible  “Digital Citizen”
  • Students will use the program from developed by the company Commonsense Media
  • Through game based  levels in the program students will learn how dangerous texting and doing anything else at the same time is, what information should be kept private and what is okay to share, what cyberbullying is, how to effectively search the Internet, and lastly what it means to plagiarize


  • Early Out for Football – 10/18
  • Box Tops Due – 10/18
  • MEA – No School – 10/19 and 10/20
  • Unity Day – 10/25 – wear orange to show unity against bully behaviors
  • STAR Student Table – Congratulations Aubrey and Logan – 10/30
  • Halloween Field Trip – 10/31 
  • End of Quarter 1 – 11/3
  • No School – 11/6 – Staff development
  • Quarter 1 AR Reward – 11/7
  • Nutrition with Heidi – 11/14


Kyle A. Dreke

Work: 320-325-5224 Ext# 225

Cell: 605-370-1113