Reading: This week we have read: Turtle, Turtle Watch Out!  and At Home in the River. Skills: Asking questions to understand key details in a text. Identifying the main topic, and purpose of a text.

When listening to your child read, talk to them about what kind of story it is (fiction, non-fiction, realistic nonfiction, narrative nonfiction, or fable etc.) to help them understand different story characteristics. We talk about this in class, but it would be good to talk to them about it at home too.

Grammar: Skill: Proper nouns, and common nouns.

Math: We are learning about regrouping when adding numbers. We continued to work on adding  2-digit numbers. Keep practicing your addition and subtraction math facts.

Math Fact Practice at home:

* ABCYA.com – 2nd grade Math: addition & subtraction

* Math Slicer App

* Flash Cards

* IXL.com

Computers: AR testing, and IXL Language Arts and Math. Students can log on to IXL at home and practice their math anytime.

Social:  Christmas around the world. This week we focused on Sweden and France. 

Spelling: soft c and g words